Code of Conduct

Trades Code of Conduct

All trade members of the Confederation are subject to the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is to be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions of membership, and the Code can be seen as being aninseparable part of the terms. The Code of Conduct is set out as follows:

Code Of Conduct
  1. The trade member is to conduct themselves, at all times, in a courteous and professional manner.
  2. Prior to commencing work, the trade member is to issue the customer with a detailed quotation or estimate. This shall include details of how the contract price is to be settled, and how any stage payments are to be managed.
  3. The trade member shall not involve the customer in additional cost without prior consultation and agreement from the customer and to confirm such alterations in writing.
  4. The trade member shall hold suitable public liability insurance cover and shall ensure that it is current and that premiums are paid on time.
  5. The trade member shall ensure that all work is undertaken -or closely supervised by-skilled and qualified individuals who are competent to carry out works within the relevant trade sector.
  6. The trade member shall advise customers of start and completion dates and to keep the customer informed of any potential delays as they become apparent.
  7. The trade member shall not lead customers to believe that the Confederation is in any way liable for the services or goods supplied by its members.Nor shall the trade member lead the customer to believe that membership of the Confederation is an endorsement of quality.
  8. The trade member shall invite customers to inspect completed works, and shall provide them with a suitable amount of time to do this. Where the customer identifies any defects in the completed works, the trade member shall rectify said defects at no additional cost to the customer.
  9. The trade member shall promptly issue the customer with an appropriate invoice for works carried out. The invoice shall state the appropriate payment terms.
  10. The trade member shall cooperate with the Confederation with respect to dispute resolution practices and accept any decisions made in respect of said practices. Where the dispute resolution process finds against the trade member, he shall be bound by those findings. Failure to accept these findings may result in expulsion from the Confederation, and loss of all Services provided. It should be noted that the Confederation is entitled to fully share –with the trade member’s customer-any findings made by the dispute resolution practitioners, and, if appropriate, assist the customer in seeking further legal advice.