Social Media Networking

Click to be amazed! This is where you start to expand your business. With a little planning and allowing the Power networking Apps to engage with people in social media, your business will begin to grow as more and more people become aware of what you do or what you sell.

Just 2 of many examples how our Social Media networking platform can grow your business (even if you don’t understand it yet)

Example 1 of the power of social media networking

You’re a tradesperson or any businessperson, you ask all your family, friends, business associates, new and old customers etc. to be your ‘friends’ or ‘contacts'. You may run an offer, or just want to update people on your service and you don’t want this to cost you anything !

You quickly setup a page in your new website with an offer or anything you wish to say, you click the Social Media button on that page and all your customers instantly see your latest offer or news update.

But that’s only the beginning, as within a very short period of time many of your contacts’ 1000’s of friends can also see your offers and updates

All these people effectively become your potential customers.

And if all these potentially thousands of contacts like what you’re offering or selling, it will open up their networks as well, so all those people too could become your customers.

This is advanced business you could never hope to achieve by normal marketing strategies

Total cost of this brilliant marketing


Example 2 - Monetising Social Media Networks

You create a product or service that you wish to offer. You click the social media button in the App and as if by magic, your product or service immediately shows in the chosen social media page, with an image, depending on which social media you choose.

All your friends and contacts can click the image of your product then purchase directly from that social media page. This is an exceptionally powerful App as within a short space of time, your friends and followers’ contacts can also see what you’re selling and all these people are able to buy your product or service straight from their social media page with just 1 click.

Those of your now much larger network of contacts who like what you’re selling open up their own networks for you to sell to. And so on . . .

Total cost of this brilliant marketing


All this can stem from your initial friends and contacts, and you can end up with a very substantial network of prospective customers that you would never previously had access to.

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